Clash between Devisri and Boyapati


Legend success meet -shield presentation (11)Legend success meet took place yester day in Hyderabad. Balakrishna gave presentation to every body who worked for Legend. while speaking Director Boyapati comments hurt Devi Sri Prasad . The duo shares a great rapport that they blend into each other so well. But perhaps for the first time, a professional displeasure between them has been witnessed today in the success meet of Legend at Rama Naidu studios.

Speaking to the media, Director Boyapati explained how he strived hard to extract the desired output for Legend with a special mention of how he had to sweat out with DSP during the 15 day stay in Chennai for the re-recording of Legend. He also self-claimed that he had to work hard with Devi during the final mixing phase at Prasad Labs for about 56 long hours.

Meanwhile, DSP grabbed the mike from Boyapati and indirectly fired embarrassing counters to Boyapati. He clarified that that he too is a professional who work for not less than 17hrs a day. He disclosed that Boyapati visited the re-recording phase just for three days, that too spent too much of his time watching English movies. He stated that he himself is not such a mediocre personality who brings difference in the presence/absence of a film. He also opined that every technician in the team should be credited unlike Boyapati who is trying to grab all the credit.

All this drama happened before none other than Nandamuri Balakrishna who rather chose to keep mum in this issue.


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