Chubby girl turns to be a director?


actress_nithya_menon-wideThis is quite unbelievable for so many of them as the news is of its kind. Who would think that Nitya Menon, who is on a hit spree with back to back hits like “Ishq” , “Gundejari Gallantayinde” have other plans than acting? Yeah, it is true and you read it right. We all know how talented actress is Nithya Menon. Right from her Telugu debut ” Ala Modalaindi”, she never disappointed the audience in terms of acting, though she did in terms of exposing,to which Nithya is a step away.

Nithya was chosen as the best actress by Filmfare for her natural acting in “Gundejaari Gallantayinde”. Everyone thought that she would take up acting with more enthusiasm with this award but, Nithya surprised everyone by letting the world know that she already has other plans on her mind.

As per the buzz, it is learnt that Nithya is planning to direct a movie soon. And believe us, that is not going to be an easy task for this cute girl as she is planning to make it in four languages Telugu, Tamil, Malayama and Bengali. Not many star directors would prefer to take up such a huge challenge, but Nithya did it. It is learnt that the project is a women centric script and Nitya Menen is currently working on the script and she will be announcing the project very soon.

There are very few female directors in Tollywood. Only Nandini Reddy and B.Jaya are active right now. They are churning out films at a very slow rate. Also there is no female director so far in Telugu who made films at a time in these many languages. Perhaps there are not many female directors down the South who did this feat. So, Nitya Menen is certainly going to start a new trend down the South.

As she is being a highly talented actress, it is yet to be known whether Nithya herself plays the lead role in her own direction or she prefers to rope in any other heroine. Whatever it might be, Let us wish Nithya all the very best for her daring step.


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