Chiranjeevi keeps Home Minister waiting


ChiranjeeviWonder what for? Here is the story read on.

Our Indian Constitution guarantees free accommodation for elected MPs and Central Ministers in the National Capital. Usually, quarters and building are allotted to MPs and Ministers after the completion of general elections. 315 new MPs are elected this time for Parliament and there is a new cabinet in place. Modi government have sent notices to former MPs and Minister to vacate them. The deadline got completed a week ago and several former MPs and Ministers are yet to vacate.

Modi government had stopped retirement benefits to them and also decided to collect rents from them. One such Minister is Chiranjeevi. Since Chiranjeevi is a Rajya Sabha member, he should vacate Minister’s building in Ashok Road and move to MP’s quarters. Home Minister Rajanath Singh wants this building but Chiranjeevi kept him waiting with out vacating the bungalow.

We have not heard anything about the issue from Chiranjeevi’s side. Let us wait and see, what Mr.Chiranjeevi would say about this. His charisma would work here in Tollywood as an actor, but not any more in Delhi as MP. When would Chiru realize that?


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