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ram-charan-tejaRam Charan Tej, the Mega Power Star Ram Charan is now busy with the shooting of a fight sequence for his upcoming film ‘Govindudu Andhari Vadele’. A special set has been erected for this movie and the fight sequences are going on nder the supervision of Ram Lakshman masters. This Krishnavamshi directorial has been talk of the town right from the day it was announced. Every one is so eagerly waiting for the film .

Kajal Agarwal is once again pairing up with Ram Charan for “Govindudu Andarivaadele”. Tamil Actor Rajkiran and veteran hero Srikanth are also taking part in this shoot. The film is being produced by Bandla Ganesh. GAV is a family entertainer that will have a good dose of action and sentiment. Yuvan Shankar Raja is giving musical scores for this much hyped flick. Before to its release, now all eyes are on the music tracks and everyone is waiting for the audio . Lets all hope Yuvan will give his best tracks and entertain us like he did before.


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