Cherry not buying them but leasing it seems


ramcharanWe have seen the news coming out regarding Tollywood mega Powerstar Ram Charan Tej’s new business of chartered flights the other day. Everyone thought that he is investing some huge amount to buy some new chartered planes .But that is not true. We somehow managed to get more information about Cherry’s plans about his new business. And is the insight of it. Check the story out.

Investments are subjected to market risks always and happening hero Ram Charan seems to be quite aware of it. His innovative ideas like buying a Polo Club and laying hands of airlines business are first of its kind for any cinema celebrity in India. However, our star hero is not in a rush to commit some quick mistakes. He got interesting and careful plans onboard to not see other side of success.

Already huge buzz started about Ram Charan’s new business, an airline services company, Turbo Megha. Though our hero is just one of the partners in this multi-crore business, he is the key to promote the brand as he happens to be a celebrity. On this occasion we tried to collect more details about his business, and here is it. In order to start Turbo Megha, Charan and his partners are not rushing to buy airplanes, they are sticking to hiring leased planes. With an initial investment of around 30-40 crores, planes with 60-70 passengers capacity like Bombardier Q400 and ATR will be taken on a lease to run the show. Once the company turns into a successful venture, then they will buy airplanes of their own. After Airbus and Boeing, Bombardier made planes are the highly used ones in civil aviation.

Currently the official logo of Turbo Megha is getting designed by a top advertising agency and Charan will unveil the details of the company through a press meet in a couple of weeks. As this happens to be a dream project, all partners of Charan want to keep every single detail under cover. They want their success to shout loud.

Let us all wish Ram Charan all the very best for his future endeavors.


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