Charmi becomes the South Indian “Queen”?


Charmi-Photos-25Well, this is quite surprising and interesting to know that, makers of Bollywood blockbuster movie “Queen” in Telugu have locked Charmi as their Queen. There were lot of star heroines who had huge hopes to play that role ,had the opportunity knoked their doors. But to everyone’s surprise, makers have finalized Charmi . Let us know the complete story.

Names like Samantha, Trisha, Nayantara, Shriya and even Anjali are heard when it comes to this interesting movie. After purchasing the remake rights for entire south, hero Prashanth’s father is looking forward for a suitable actress to kick start the flick. He felt that this role needs an actress who is not having immense stardom but still she should have stunning acting prowess. The only name that splashed on his mind is none other Charmi, as she could be a top notch choice for such a women-centric role and also fills the glamour slot too.

For now, our hottie hasn’t confirmed the news but acknowledge that she is approached to play the role. Many star heroines have kept their hopes on the remake of ‘Queen’ as that flick would become a big boost for their careers. Shockingly Charmi has entered the scene, and we will get a clarity in the days to come.

If at all Charmi chooses to play the role, definiely that would take her to next level,say the film critics.


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