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Chandamama Kathalu Working Photos (7)“Chandamama Kathalu” is an anthology film which is dealt with ten stories with parallel screenplay. Director, Praveen Sattar (LBW fame) has reasonably executed all the stories, he seems to have rushed out of time to give proper endings to few stories of course.

Coming to the stories,

Krishnudu (as Venkateshwara Rao) played a very normal guy who has a sole ambition of getting married before he turns thirty. For that he keeps praying all the Gods and Goddesses, visits number of palmists, searches a suitable match in daily news papers . He works as a software engineer but he finds it difficult to spot a girl who can marry him ,only because of he being so fat. Manchu Lakshmi, as Lisa Smith is a falling model who got nothing to with Venkateshwara Rao. They just meet in a pub once, and surprisingly they end up marrying each other at the end of the movie. What lead them take that decision is not revealed though.

Kishore (as Saradhi) is a single parent of a school going girl and also a writer . His daughter has some health issues , which makes Saradhi worry to the core. In order to save his daughter, he tries in different ways for some financial help , which can meet his daughter’s treatment comfortably. He gets dejected as he is rejected everywhere to be helped. Luckily he gets some unexpected help from an unknown source and he gets his daughter cured happily.

Lakshmi Manchu plays Lisa Smith, who is a falling model, a free soul who smokes, boozes, uses filthy language in frustration and what not? She is habituated to rich lifestyle. DK (played by Prithvi) is rich man who used to date Lisa, loses interest in her and he starts encouraging new girl both professionally and personally. Which obviously disappoints Lisa and her disappointment leads to their break up in misery. Later how she comes out of that helpless situation and what she does next forms the rest of her story.

Amala (Saritha) has just been widowed and all of a sudden, Naresh (Mohan) comes to Saritha’s place to visit her from the US after thirty long years…which is an absolute cinematic coincidence. There wasn’t any establishment shots to make the audience understand that they were lovers in the past. One has to understand by the way they behave with each other thats all. Amala seems to be so matured, who sleeps with Mohan in an intimate scene, which makes her feel guilty but at the end she finds her soulmate in Mohan and moves on with him leaving her family aside. Their story seems to be little odd, and not many can get connected with the point where a woman aged 50+ and also a grandmother falling for her ex boyfriend and having physical relation with him just after few days after her husband’s death.


Chaitanya Krishna is in college and loves his classmate, the daughter of a powerful politician. He is introduced as a harmless guy, but as the story progresses, he reveals his true colours. He steals petrol in the midnight from the bikes that are parked outside the houses and sells it in black market. Their story is presented in a simpler way with no big turns and sudden twists until he is kidnapped and killed by that politician’s men.

Abhijeet (Ashraf) runs a small supermarket. Haseena(Richa Panai) is a regular customer to the super market. Ashraf and Haseena keeps exchaning their looks and one fine day they open up and start roaming across the city at their will and wish. Later on, Haseena suddenly marries a guy who is a cab driver in Dubai. Haseena’s character is never established like that ,where she has thoughts of betraying Ashraf till the last minute. Even this story has a sad ending.

Krishneswara Rao ,plays an aspirational beggar, who has only one dream for himself which is to buy a house that is put for sale. It costs 12 lac and the beggar accumulates ten lakhs , which has to be understood that money is his savings that are being done through out his life. He safely keeps that money in various places across the city ..which looks like an unusual story. Till then his track went so smoothly, but one would wonder why he has to die all of a sudden ,jus before making his dream come true.

Naga Shaurya (raghu) is an MCH employee , who happens to marry a girl under forced circumstances . His wife doesn’t know anything . They both are never seemed to be happy with each other but surprisingly she gets pregnant and delivers a baby and dies due to the complications during pregnancy. Again there isn’t any proper logic why Raghu’s wife character is killed all of a sudden.

First half has no pace in the stories and in result audience might get bored in many scenes. Second half was portrayed well, but at certain point of time, director seems to be in a hurry to wind up the stories quickly. In result, few stories looked little odd and not convincing enough.

Action :

Kishore, Krishneswar Rao who played beggar, and Manchu as Lisa Smith have done their jobs exceptionally well compared to the rest of the lot.

Final Verdict:Reasonably executed..good effort


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