Censor board shocks Sunny Leone


sunny leoneIt is of course quite unbelievable that a film in which a porn star acted got a “U” certificate from censor board. For all heroines in Bollywood, debuting in South is always a dream. But for south audiences, watching red-hot bombshells like Sunny Leone on south screen is a dream. And that dream is a reality already with the trained seductress cooking item number for ‘Vadacurry’.

Featuring Jai and Swathi in the lead roles, Tamil movie ‘Vadacurry’ has owned the record of introducing Sunny Leone to south screen. And afterwards she will be seen with Manchu Manoj in ‘Current Theega’ movie. Coming to point, Censor Certificate issued to ‘Vadacurry’ has shocked the former adult actress who is busy throwing her ravishing curves for Indian cameras at the moment. For the first time ever in the life of Sunny, a film that features her has received a ‘U’ Certificate.

Even though she has shed loads of oomph in that item song, everything is in limits and that prompted Censor to go for a ‘U’. Maybe this is the first time Sunny is hearing about such a certificate as getting ‘Adult’ tag for her movies is like a norm both in American circuits and Bollywood. But now for the first time a film she acted got a “U” certificate would definitely make this sexy star sleepless for a day or two in disbelief for sure.


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