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rajinikanth_and_shankarWe know that there have been few speculations that are doing rounds since a few days that, South Indian ace director Shanker is planning to make a sequel to Robo. He is currently busy with Ai featuring Vikram, which is expected to release in August. Shankar wants to do a sequel to Robo with Superstar Rajankanth. But Rajanikanth’s health condition may not let the superstar to take up this project.

Rajanikanth’s doctors advised him not to do anything that requires physical strain. That is the reason why he did Vikrama Simha with the help of motion capture technology. Even his current film Lingaa doesn’t stress him much. KS Ravi Kumar wrote the script keeping Rajanikanth’s health condition in mind.

Robo 2 cannot be done if Rajani refuses to put strain on his body. Although Shankar is scripting Robo 2 for the superstar, he may do the film with some other hero. As per Kollywood sources Ajith Kumar is in race for Robo 2. Of course that will happen only if Rajanikanth refuses to be a part of it.

It is now interesting that, what if Rajanikanth refuses to do the sequel for Robo?Will shanker afford to make the sequel for that blockbuster with Ajith? How does the audience would receive it?There are lot of questions to be answered….let us wait till an official announcement comes from the director Shanker.


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