Can he see some success there?


Siddharth,Charmee launches Hyderabad Paws magazine (23)Who and where? Well, we know that lover boy, heartthrob for many girls in the past, Siddardh is facing a rough patch in his life. He has been struggling hard to find some scuccess since a long time now. Having no opportunities in both Bollywood and Tollywood, Siddhu is now concentrating more on Kollywood only as of now. He has only film in hand now is “Jigarthanda” .
Siddardh has lots of expectations on this film, hoping that it would bring his lost charm back.

Siddharth is all set to test his luck again in Tollywood and Kollywood, this time with a thriller titled ‘Jigarthanda’. As we already know, this film is hitting all over the world on August 1st and its Telugu dubbed version is titled ‘Chikkadu Dorakadu’. Much to our amusement, Siddharth is making his French debut too with this flick. Yes, you heard it right.

‘Jigarthanda’ is being released in France too in a dubbed French version and the title is ‘De Sang Froid’. According to reports, huge buzz got created for this flick with the posters itself. Let us see if Siddharth could create impact on French audiences too.

Let us see if his fate fetches him in French at least.


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