Can Megastar help Rajasekhar?


downloadWe all know that how good actor Rajasekhar been over the years now. He is now struggling hard to survive in T-town ,as all his movies been biting the dust since a few years. Rajasekhar didn’t see a proper hit for a long time now. No director or Producer showing interest to make a movie with Rajasekhar at present, as his market has gone down very much.

Megastar Chiranjeevi is the one who is expected to give break through to few heroes in Tollywood film industry. It is known that Mohan Babu took charge of Tanish and Varun Sandeesh in the film “Pandavulu Pandavulu Thumeda”. This flick raised their standard a bit in Tollywood.

Now, Chiranjeevi is expected to give similar break through to this top yesteryear hero in Tollywood. Rajasekhar needs serious break through in the industry and no other actor except Chiru can give him the required breakthrough.

It is known that Rajasekhar applied for villain role in the 150th flick of Chiranjeevi. Rajasekhar has no big hit in the recent past and no one knows when his films are coming. In this scenario, only if Chiru helps him, Rajasekhar can move ahead in his career!

But the question is, Can Megastar help Rajasekhar or not?What do you think guys?


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