I call them when am in trouble: Samantha


Samantha-New-Photos201373168843No wonder to know that glamour doll Samantha Ruth Prabhu has very good PR,despite of her being involved in a few controversies . Reacting to the recent unfortunate incident that took place related to Swetha Basu Prasad,actress who was caught for prostitution ,shared her thoughts. Read in her own words.

“Since the beginning of my career, I’ve never faced any issues in Telugu film industry. No one has ever behaved badly or indecently with me. I think it’s the safest place to work. I’ve acted with all top stars and all top directors and the treatment is absolutely good.”

She adds, “My mom, dad, siblings never accompanied me for my shootings. I was alone and am alone. Tollywood is gold. I can’t speak for others but for me, it’s the best industry to work. It mainly depends on choices you make and people you choose to trust.”

If the actress is in trouble, who will she approach? Sam says, “Whenever I face any problem, I call my producers, directors who I share good bond. I call Trivikram Srinivas garu or Rajamouli garu or Dil Raju garu. They’re always there for me.”


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