Bunny commits a straight Malayalam film?


08-allu-arjun600-01We all know that our stars usually have a strong fan base in other states and countries as well. Superstar Rajanikanth has such huge fan base in Japan. And Megastar Chirajeevi too have a very good fan base in Karnataka also. And Stylish Star Allu Arjun has also huge fan base in Mollywood.

Allu Arjun is called as “Mallu” Arjun in Kerala. Bunny has announced sometime back that he would do a straight Malayalam film soon , after witnessing with his own eyes that how popular in God’s own country Kerala. As per the latest buzz, here the time comes for that. After Bunny announcing like that, many producers have approached him and All Arjuna has already listened to few stories it seems.It is learnt that Bunny is finalising a project and official announcement will be out soon.

Let us all wait for more news. Stay tuned.


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