Budugu Grand Release on April 17th


Budugu Movie Wallpapers (5)We the producers of Budugu movie are very happy to inform that we are releasing on 17th April in more than 100 theatres across the two states. Budugu has been creating lot of buzz in the film industry and garnered positive response from movie goers due to its engaging trailers, heart touching song and thanks to the support from media in promoting our movie. Budugu is an engaging psychological thriller with intense family drama. Although first time producers, we are releasing the movie on our own in all areas amidst the big tamil dubbing movies releasing this week. We are confident of our movie and we believe that our telugu audience will encourage and appreciate any good movie irrespective of big or small.

All the media people have been of great support in promoting our movie and whatever buzz we have created so far is due to your efforts. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for your encouragement. We have screened our first show to media and we hope you have enjoyed the movie. We request the media to continue the support for our movie as you are only the source of strength to first time independent film makers like us. We have crossed innumerable hurdles to come to this stage and we are soon planning to release a video on the lessons learnt in our journey of film making. This video will help new film makers to learn from our mistakes and experiences.

The movie stars Manchu Lakshmi and Sridhar Rao in the lead roles. The main protagonist role of Budugu is played by Master Prem Babu. Indraja plays the important role of a psychologist. The story is inspired from real life events that have happened in the life of an 8 year old boy and his family. The movie is a psychological thriller that engages you in a roller coaster ride with edge of the seat suspense through a cleverly oven plot. The movie will appeal to all kinds of audiences: youngsters, families and working professionals. We once again take this opportunity to thank our cast and crew who has been thorough us in this journey of our movie “ Budugu”.


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