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AutoNagarSurya get trimmed


Auto Nagar Surya  (25)Its of no use to trimming the subject after the damage is done. Don’t know when does the producers will learn it. Yeah, we are talking about “Autonagar Surya” which released yesterday is likely to be trimmed for 12 minutes in the second half it seems.

All those unwanted comedy scenes involving Brahmanandam that are invoking no laugh are said to be slashed. At the same time some lag is removed. Okay, will this 12 minutes ointment help Surya recover? Probably not! There are many lagging and dragging scenes in first half too. Dialogues written by Deva Katta might look impressive but they are not fitting the bill many times. Over the board preaching will never enthral audiences, especially in B & C centres.

Maybe if the film is sharp and short to exactly 2 hours run time rather than 2.5 hours, it will look appealing, say cine observers. We have to see how people react to Auto Nagar Surya on the weekend anyway. Let us wait till Monday to find out whether this cutting ointment will help recover from injury or not.

Does this re editing work really fetch anything to the makers? Lets wait and see.


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