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"Autonagar Surya" coming with U/A


10488066_671094096261613_8195145058399844379_nFinally, it is all clear for “Autonagar Surya”s arrival. Much awaited Naga Chaitanya’s Autonagar Surya has got an U/A certificate form the censors.Earlier last week a Guntur court had issued a stay on the film’s release till the 10th of July. A business man by name Mohammad had issued a complaint that an amount of 2 crores has yet to be received from the producers.

Now with the censor formalities done, looks like the film is moving ahead for release. A clear release date or any update is yet to be received. Directed by Deva Katta, this film has Samanta as the female lead, and R R Movie makers are the producers.


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