Screen Name :Ashok kumar
Original Name : Aloor ashok kumar
Phone :
Cell : 98480-15175
Email :
Address : Flat no:501, Door No 1-1-230 /8/8, HSR empire, opp:Janatha school,viveknagar chikadpally hyderabad-500 020


Number of films : 143 Plus

Prominent films : Sutra dharulu, Irugillu porigillu, Brahmarshi Viswamithra.

Other language films : Hindi - Hum aapke dilme rehte hai, Dil hai khula asman, well done abba, mukhbir, Tamil - iradam ulagam, 2 bhojapuri films, 2 english films

Awards : 9 state Nandi awards As actor, Director, Producer

Stage experience : Scince my childhood i.e, from 1968 doing theatre work and continuing even today whenever opportunity arises.

First film

Year : 1985

Film : Punnami Chandrudu

Director : Vijayabapineedu

Producer : Narsimha Rao

Banner : Rasi Movies

Charector : Comedian


Primary : St.Peter High School

College : B.Sc., (New Science College)

Primary : LL.B., (Osmania Unversity Campus)


Mother tongue : Telugu

Other languages : Hindi, English

Personal info

Original name : Aloor ashok kumar

screen name : Ashok kumar

Place of birth : Hyderabad

Father's name : A.Lakshman Rao

Mother's name : A.Chandrakala

Spouse's name : A.Durga Mahalakshmi

Children : A.Bindu Madhavi, A.Vamsee Sarath Chandra

Contact Details

Cellphone: : 98480-15175

e-mail :

Address : Flat no:501, Door No 1-1-230 /8/8, HSR empire, opp:Janatha school,viveknagar chikadpally hyderabad-500 020

State : Andhra Pradesh, India.

Other info

Memorable events : All those moments when i worked with legends like "NTR","ANR",and other senior artists and with the Legendary directors like K. Vishwanth, Jandhyala, Bapu etc.

Other activities : Other side iam a popular and leading televsion hero scince 1986 till date. iam also director on both film and television with one film and seven serials to my credit as director. i under my home production house, shree durga movies have produced five serials, a few documentaries, ad films etc and still active on production side

Other achievements : honnered many a time by various cultural organisations

Hobbies : Acting was my hobby which turend to be my profession-other hobbies are - listen music and freindship


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