Arnold requested Shankar to do a film for him


shankar300Wow…isn’t that great ? Arnold Schwarzenegger ,the super hero of Hollywood was really impressed with I teaser and couldn’t resist himself from requesting the super director of India Shakar to do a film for him to everyone’s surprise.

Arnold attended as chief guest of I audio launch and he spoke few words.The makers of the film conducted a special bodybuilding act as a tribute to Arnold, who is a bodybuilding legend. Arnold enthralled with the how and he pointed out that the show had taken him back to his old days and it was things like these that had given him his break. “So thank you Shankar, for employing these body builders,” he said and then playfully added, “But what about me? I flew all this way to come to a job interview. I want to do an interview with you.”

Arnold requested Shankar to make King Conan sequel for which he will be ready play the lead role.After watching I teaser, we are to get a doubt for sure on Shankar will soon make his Hollywood debut. It would be better if he chooses King Conan series as Arnold is ready to work with him.

Its of course Shakar’s call whether to commit or not,but it would be so thrilling to see if Shankar makes a movie with Arnold in the future.


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