Why Arnold left from I audio event in the middle?


Arnold-SchwarzeneggerThere has been lots of hype created for Shankar’s magnum opus I movie audio function for which the makers have spent a whopping sum of 7 crores. And the event was organized in a grand manner. Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger was the chief guest for the function. Everything looked good until Arnold left from the event venue in the middle. What happened eactly? Here is the news …read on.

Arnold left the audio launch venue (Nehru Stadium) of ‘I’ even before the completion of the event. Even though the Anchors requested him to stay back till the very end for releasing the audio, Arnold didn’t pay heed to them and this development has stunned the Indian film lovers who have been glued to the Television sets to witness the once in life time moment. What’s the reason behind Arnold’s sudden exit?

Sources say, Arnold felt suffocated as the air-conditioning wasn’t functioning at its maximum and the delay too prompted him to walk away. After a show put on by Bodybuilders, Arnold reached the dais to convey his appreciation to Shankar for casting them in ‘I’ and also asked the filmmaker ‘why don’t think of casting him?’. It was then one of the bodybuilders grabbed his band and planted a kiss on it. Arnold who was visibly uncomfortable with the act completed his speech and walked away from the venue in a hurry.

Producer Aascar Ravichandran spent lavishly to make sure Arnold graces ‘I’ audio launch with the sole aim of bringing a global reach to the magnum opus. Will Arnold’s exit affects the cause in any way?


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