Anushka to marry after Bahubali?


Anushka latest stills13This news could make her fans worry,but it is strongly said to be believed that cute girl Anushka is planning to marry and settle after “Bahubali”. Which mean, she is never going to act and “Bahubali” would be her last movie ever. We have been listening to rumors of Anushka Shetty’slove life and marriage for a very long time. Finally, The leggy lass decided to put an end to them by officially getting hitched.

Reportedly, A debutante filmmaker met Anushka recently on the set of Rajinikanth starrer ‘Lingaa’ to narrate script of an woman-centric flick. Despite falling in love with the script, Anushka didn’t sign the project and the reason for it has shocked the soon-to-be director. The Mangalore Beauty revealed that she is going to tie the knot post the completion of ‘Baahubali’ shooting and don’t have plans to work post marriage.

Interestingly, Anushka isn’t gonna marry anyone from the film industry. She seems to be in a relationship with a businessman and wishes to spend her rest of life in his company. The marriage is likely to happen in the second half of 2015.

This is a real shocker to many directors who are still running after her to sign her for their movies.


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