Anushka…too late for marriage?


Anushka latest stills10aOther than in Bollywood, no film industry usually encourages heroines who are over thirty years . But now Tollywood has been showing some respect towards Anushka Shetty who crossed thirty already , encouraging her with many more offers.
Over thirty years age is not a happy sign for heroines who are dependent on Tollywood but Sweety Shetty alias Anushka is a different lady altogether. But the bad news that is the publicity is about her retirement from Telugu films. Even Anushka too indicated that she is going to tie the knot post Rudramadevi and Bahubali releases, leaving the hearts of many aspiring men in deserts.

But looks like Anushka is not going to get married anytime soon as said earlier. Though she crossed thirty, offers are just flowing in for her and there are three big projects in her kitty now. Anushka is signed lead opposite Rajnikanth’s new film under KS Ravi Kumar’s direction, at the same time she will be heroine of Ajith in Gautham Menon’s film too. Surprisingly she signed a Kannada movie titled Jaggu Dada opposite Darshan, making her debut into sandalwood.

Looking at all these three big and new projects in her kitty, who would expect Anushka to end up in marriage? Maybe she is not interested in nuptials for the time-being as plum offers are her way, or she is unable to zero on any suitable grooms. Any suitalbe groom available her in T-town , other than poor industrialists from out side TFI?


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