Anjali with her new beast


She hasn’t given any blockbusters recently. But still it seems to be there is no stopping for this hot Telugu beauty Anjali.
All her Telugu and Tamil films in the recent past have done just an average business at the box office. She was a busy bee a couple of years ago. But all of a sudden actress left the industry and concentrated on Telugu films. She was seen in films such as SVSC, Masala etc. Anjali’s aunt Bharathi Devi and director Mu Kalanjiam created troubles for her which led to keeping away from limelight for some time.

Finally, the homely voluptuous beauty is making a comeback in Tollywodo with a horror comedy film Geethanjali.The film is all set to release in August and meanwhile a hot debate started about Anjali in media circles. One of the pictures of Anjali alongside a swank, sleek, shiny BMW stirred up debate. The pic was posted on social media by writer-turned-producer Kona Venkat with the comment: “Anjali gifts herself a BMW’’ Industry people have started to discuss about that secret person who has gifted such a costly car to the heroine.

Some said that Anjali got car as remuneration from Geethanjali makers. But it’s way too much for an actress like her to get such a costly car as her remuneration. We don’t know from where Anjali got the gift but we wish her congratulations on the new car and all the best to your upcoming movie.


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