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Screen Name :Anita
Original Name : Anitha.B
Phone : 044-22520199
Cell : 098410 29229
Email :
Address : Plot no, kumudan nagar, mugaliwakam, Chennai - 116


Number of films : 200

Awards : Barkley Award for best new Actress in 1970-71

Stage experience : As child actress in the play "Punarjanma" for Kalanikethan at Rajamundry in early "60"along with my mother (late) Mrs.B.Varibala

First film

Year : 1969

Film : Nindu Samsaram

Director : C.S.Rao

Producer : P.Gangadhar rao

Banner : Navasakthi

Charector : Sister of hero (N.T.R)


School : S.S.L.C not completed


Other languages : Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, English

Personal info

Original name : Anitha.B

screen name : Anita

Place of birth : Machlipatnam (bandar)

Father's name : B.V. Nandan Rao

Mother's name : B.Vani Bala

Children : B.Teja, B.Tanuja

Contact Details

Telephone : 044-22520199

Cellphone: : 098410 29229

Address : Plot no, kumudan nagar, mugaliwakam, Chennai - 116

State : A.P

Other info

Other activities : T.V.serials

Hobbies : Cooking listening to old Hindi and Telugu movies and watching old Telugu Films

Other : proud to be the dauther of Mrs Vanibala who was a Renounced stage actress


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