Amala rejected Party seat


Amala NagarjunaWe are talking about Akkineni Amala, Social activist and wife of King Nagarjuna who is recently rumoured to be trying it hard for Vijayawada MP Ticket. At last she broke her silence on political entry after the rumours spread that she is going to contest in elections.

‘I’m not political inclined but it is media who wants me to be in politics I think’, said Amala, commenting about the recent political talks that engulfed her. She stated that never she wanted to become a politician as she cannot make false promises with fake ambitions. But she is already offered an MLA ticket by one party. ‘Yes, Aam Admi Party approached me with an offer recently. But I said a strict no as I don’t want to jump into that moving vehicle’, she avers. We wonder why Arvind Kejriwal offered ticket to such a popular celebrity, while he boasts a lot about common-man, the Aam Admi, while Amala happens to be rich diva being in an acting and businessman family.

Earlier, Nagarjuna met Narendra Modi, rumours were rife that Amala Akkineni could be contesting from Vijayawada and that Nagarjuna had met the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate to seek his support for Amala.


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