Akhil apologises to all his fans

AkhilTollywood’s one of the most awaited to -debut actors Akhil Akkineni has apologized all Akkineni fans for a valid reason. Why did he do that and what for? Want to know? Here is the complete story… read on.
Akkineni Akhil conveyed his apology to all the fans, well wishers and film buffs for long delay in the official announcement of his first solo hero flick. “I’m extremely sorry for the delay guys. Have been doing a lot of thinking and the decision for my debut has not been easy. Will update ASAP,” he promised.

In his recent interview, Even Nagarjuna informed that script and director of Akhil’s maiden film are yet to finalized.

After gaining confidence by doing numerous short films which are yet see the light, Akhil began hearing scripts from all those enthusiastic writers and directors who wishes to be part of his film. Director Deva Katta already revealed he had narrated a love subject to the Youngster and ready to direct him if he gets the opportunity.

Post the rocking entry in ‘Manam’, Expectations have be huge on Akhil’s next on screen appearance. As a result, Akkinenis have been taking ample time to take a final call. An official announcement is expected by 2014 end.

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