What actually went wrong with "Aagadu"?


aagaduIt is just to analyze what actually went wrong with “Aagadu” as we can see a clear depreciation of collections for the movie as it will be two weeks by tomorrow since its release. Let us consider two films “Power” and “Aagadu” with the former one released a week before the later. Both the movies got the same talk on the first and second day. More or less these two films are declared mass entertainers by the filmy critics. But we have seen “Power”‘ collections picked up from its second week. But to everyone’s surprise,we have seen a drastic fall when it comes to “Aagadu” collections. What could be the reasons?

It is the hype that played a spoilsport in “Aagadu”s case ,say trade analysts. In fact, makers of ‘Aagadu’ have promoted the film on a large scale and have given it a ” never before ever after” kind of hype that lead to the destruction of Super-star Mahesh’s image among mass audience. That over hype is proved nothing when met the reality. Audience have bluntly rejected it as they found there wasn’t anything in the movie that could value their ticket price. After giving a blockbuster hit “Dookudu”, even fans expected so much from Srinu Vytla hoping for the magic to be repeated. Hence, they started blaming the director upfront ” say the critics.

As the damage is already done ,is there any use by taking a deep dig on “Aagadu” flop talk or mixed talk now? It is better for fans to accept “Aagadu” as it is and wait for another film from Mahesh, as gain and pain are very common for any hero after all. What say folks?


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