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vikramWhen it comes to film industry, especially regarding actors, we know that there are number of actors who act so well . But we have very less actors who can do anything for their character in the film. Not many can go to an extent which the versatile actors like Kamal Hasan , Vikram would go. Here is an interesting story about Chiyaan Vikram. Read on.

We have seen Vikram going to extremes to get into the skin of the characters he played until now. With ‘Manoharudu’, He has set a new benchmark for all the finest actors in the country. Usually, Vikram weighs about 70 kilos. But for ‘Manoharudu’, He gained 50 kilos more to look like a hulk and he looks more scary than King Kong in this new avatar. AR Rahman who is composing the music for this biggie has even sung a special song for this role.

Vikram used to apply make-up which looks like an acid. The person who will be using it have to be present in a cold temperature. Else, The skin in the places where it was applied will be removed. Despite taking all precautions, Vikram skin got burnt once.

No one could match Vikram’s dedication, talent and harwork. What sets him apart from other actors is that he is just phenomenal in each and every aspect. Hats off to Chiyaan!!!


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