What is she doing at Puri’s “Cave”?


puri-zarinekhanThis is what the talk going on everywhere in film circles at the moment. Wonder who this sexy lady spotted with banned cricketer Sreesanth at ace director Puri Jagannadh’s “Cave” ? She is none other than Bollywood’s bhai Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend Zarine Khane. Its a gala time for director Puri Jagan ever since his new office cum residence ‘Cave’ was opened. Rich interiors, a luxury resort like feel and imported furniture might have burned his pocket, but the pleasure he gets from the new office is incredible.

The other day, banned cricketer Sreesanth joined Puri Jagan for a quick mock-tail
party. But all the eyes are turned towards one curvaceous bombshell, and she is none other than Zarine Khan. She happens to be a muse of Salman, and this Katrina Kaif look-alike was introduced to Bollywood by Bhai when he broke up with Katrina.

After attending a city based fashion event, Zarine somehow needed up at Puri’s cave, surprising the onlookers. Should we now say that she impressed our director to grab a chance in Jr NTR’s movie, at least an item number? We can’t say at the moment,but as we know ab out Puri,he would enver lose an opportunity that is sighted by him. Lets hope this beauty- full Zarine sizzles on Tollywood screen soon and entertain the audience at the earliest,as TFI desparately needs some fresh item girls.


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