What could be the 14 reels’s next?


aagadu-movie-press-meet-photos-latestThey are the most happening banner in Tollywood at pesent. 14 Reels Entertainment has acquired that big stature with just 5 flicks to their credits.

It has raised the production values of star films, It has offered highest remunerations of their career to every hero they worked with and they have shown the Tollywood new heights of innovation and costs in promoting a film. But leaving all of them aside, a production house needs to survive on successes than any other things.

They have so far produced – Namo Venkatesa, Dookudu, 1-Nenokkadine, Legend and Aagadu. Except Dookudu which is a blockbuster and Legend which is a breakeven (given the big budget), they have not seen money on the remaining projects. 1-Nenokkadine was a big flop and we have to see how Aagadu ends up. Having said all, what next for 14 Reels?

It is said that 14 Reels are not easy guys to back out from the field. They are tough guys and are backed by a strong business back in USA. So, they will not have any financial obligations. They are planning a multi-starrer film with Victory Venkatesh and Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja next. The project will be directed by Bindass and Ragada fame Veeru Potla. They are ambitious to make a strong comeback with that film!


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